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Sharpsville Container

Sharpsville Container Corporation

Today, SCC’s philosophy is “to strive for growth through relationships and shared accomplishments with its customers.”We are committed to the safety of our customers and our colleagues, the quality of your product, and continued improvement of our product offerings thru engineering and innovation.

Process Vessels

If you have a storage need, our general purpose products are the way to go. We can get you outfitted with the right storage solution today. And since we know that not every situation faces the same set of challenges, we offer our engineering and design services to create any modification or custom component you may require. Check out our products to see if we have the container that’s right for you.

Trusted Supplier of Vessels

Our experience in this industry helps us create products to solve problems, instead of relying on one-size-fits-all solutions. Our team at SCC is up to date on the latest safety practices and constructs our products accordingly. We have experience providing sanitary #4 finish to meet the sanitary specifics of your vessel.

Markets Served

Here at Sharpsville Container Corporation (SCC), our team has invaluable experience working with the chemical industry and is well acquainted with the rules and regulations. We use our experience to implement meticulous strategies that prevent issues before they develop.

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is one where corrosion can derail an entire operation.
That’s why companies trust Sharpsville Container Corporation (SCC) to deliver corrosion-resistant stainless steel solutions that will stand up against the harshest conditions.

Food & Dairy
The Food and Dairy industry is a staple of life as we know it. From waking up to and having breakfast to treating yourself to an ice cream dessert, dairy products are an instrumental piece of our consumption habits.