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Agitators, Mixers and Impellers

At Liquid Handling Equipment, Inc. in Charlotte, NC, we have a wide array of agitators products to offer from MixMor. MixMor is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial mixers and agitators for use in a broad spectrum of industries. Their full line of mixers are specifically designed and engineered to do more work, efficiently, for a longer period of time without failure. Give us a call and allow our experts to recommend the correct mixing equipment best suited for your needs.


Portable Mixers

The clamp and drive housing have a ball and socket assembly to allow 360° rotation on the horizontal plane and 100° on the vertical plane for optimum mixer shaft angle.

Turbine Mixers

Low horsepower mixer drive which provides a practical solution for applications that for process or mechanical considerations preclude the use of fixed mount top entering mixers.

Top Mixers

Mixers are furnished with standard ANSI flanges with shaft seals for use on closed vessels. Available shaft seals, cartridge type double, single, dry running, metal bellows, tandem, water cooled, split and seals with sanitary containment.

Side Mixers

Rugged & Versatile - The MixMor Model HV is an all-welded construction, V belt drive mixer which is extensively used in food, chemical, asphalt and other processing industries. Its heavy duty construction assures long life with minimum maintenance.

Laboratory Mixers

1/6 Horsepower Air Driven Mixer Speed Range, 500 to 6,000 RPM Direct Drive Impeller - Propellers and Disperser Disks Clamps - Tank and Rod Mixer stands.

Impellers for mixers

Mixing applications have different process requirements and that is why MixMor's engineers have such a complete selection of impellers ranging from conventional pitched blade turbine to FloMor high-efficiency hydrofoil impeller.

Mixer Lift Stands

Our custom mixer lift stands are manufactured per order to assure proper fit for your application. Available with castors or fixed mounted to the floor.

Custom Mixers

In addition to our diverse selection of standard mixers, MixMor can design for you custom mixers that will solve your toughest mixing problems.

Custom Impellers

In addition to our diverse selection of standard impellers, MixMor engineers can design custom impellers that will solve your toughest mixing problems.

Agitator Manufacturers:

Mix Mor Corporation Portable, Side Entering & Turbine Mixers

MixMor continues to be a leading manufacturer of high quality mixers with more than 50 years experience, offering a complete line of mixers including Laboratory, Portable Clamp-on, Fixed Mount Top Entering, Side Entering and Turbine MixersMixMor has the technology and mixer to meet your process requirements.