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Case Study

A customer in eastern South Carolina was in need of a pump for Aluminum Chloride. The customer is a large manufacturer of specialty chemicals and was using centrifugal pumps for numerous aluminum chloride applications critical to their manufacturing process. This was a difficult application as it was aluminum chloride hydrate with hydrochloric acid at 210F and with fine suspended solids. They were using plastic centrifugal pumps and were experiencing mechanical seal and pump failures every few weeks due to temperature and solid concentration.

After looking at the application, it was recommended that a diaphragm pump be used as there would be no need for mechanical seal and suspended solids would not be an issue. The plant is a large user of air operated double diaphragm pumps and were primarily using a competitor’s pump. They were familiar with Yamada as we supplied a successful trial several years ago on another application. The benefit of Yamada over the customer’s previously used AODD pumps is in their air valve technology. The Yamada pump is completely non-lubricated and utilizes self-lubricating seal rings on the air valve along with non-lubricated pilot valves. The benefit of this design is it eliminates the need for an oiler which can lead to stalling issues over time. After discussing this with the customer, they agreed to do a 60 day trial for a Yamada 2” Kynar (PVDF) pump model # NDP-50BVG-C-XP-HT rated for high temperature. Kynar is rated for up to 248F and was recommended due to temperature and corrosive nature of the chemical. Gore backed Neoprene diaphragms were also supplied for temperature and abrasion resistance along with PTFE coated center body and hardware. Based on discharge pressure and air inlet supply pressure, the 2” pump would be capable of providing the required flow rate as well. After a 60 day trial period, Liquid Handling Equipment did an onsite evaluation of the pump at no charge to the customer. After evaluation, it was found that virtually no wear was incurred to the liquid or air end components and the pump was in like new condition.

After a successful trial period, the customer decided to move forward with Yamada. The pump has now been in service for over 7 months with no issues and has been a great success. With Yamada’s continued support and patented air valve technology, we were able to provide a cost effective solution for a difficult application. This along with Liquid Handling Equipment’s commitment to customer service and support has allowed us to build upon a strong relationship with a valued customer.