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Strainrite Filters

Strainrite - World Class Filtration

Since 1978, The Strainrite Companies has been designing and manufacturing filtration products for the industry worldwide. We believe in developing and maintaining long-term, strategic relationships with clients in order to deliver innovative real time solutions to specific customer and market requirements. Our new product innovations are derived from a collaborative philosophy where new products are developed through customer-supplier communication and cooperation. We have continued to make significant investments in human and business assets, boosting our ability to offer world class products and services.

Filter Bag and Cartridge Housing

There are several configurations of standard and custom fitted filter bag and cartridge housings available from Strainrite, including Manifold Bag Housing Systems, Single Bag Housings, and Multi Bag Housings. Available in sizes styles to fit many filtration applications, housings by Strainrite are an integral addition to any existing filtration system.

From low flow SRL vessels that come with loads of extra features the competitors’ lack, to industrial grade SRID vessels that offer the most advanced filtration technology available, The Strainrite Companies offer a comprehensive suite of modifications and integrated add-ons.


Strainrite liquid filter cartridges are used for the clear filtration of liquids, whether it be for sterilization or to separate micro-organisms. Our proprietary liquid filter cartridges come in three different styles: Membrane Cartridge Filters, Pleated Depth Cartridge Filters and Large Diameter Pleated Cartridge Filters. A variety of filter media and types are available and specialized for whatever your project may be. Filter cartridges are designed to have a continuous and repeatable effluent quality. Strainrite delivers filter media that offers uniform consistency as they work to separate out particles from the liquid for an effective sterilization.


Strainrite offers liquid filter bags for a wide range of industry. The heritage of The Strainrite Companies is closely tied to the initial development of Filter Bag Technology. Our Founder, John H. Lapoint Jr., was an integral part of the team that conceived of, perfected, and proliferated, the original Filter bag. The Strainrite companies strive to apply the filtration expertise we’ve gained in over 30 years of partnership with of our customers, along with the innovation we’ve become known for, to manufacture classic, top quality, filter bags.