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Yamada Pumps

Yamada AOD Diaphragm Pumps offers superior fluid management with the toughest applications. Yamada Pumps can make a significant difference in your application providing reliability and peace of mind.

Liquid Handling and Equipment operates as a leading supplier of pumps in Charlotte, NC and extensively deals in the supply and installation of Yamada Pumps. Whether your manufacturing unit processes water, waste water, oil, slurry, industrial chemicals or liquids of any other nature, our team will find the ideal pump solution for your process. Our pump engineers are experienced and skilled to offer the best solution for your goal, budget, and reliability expectations.

About the Manufacturer – Yamada America, Inc.

Established in 1905, Yamada has been leading in the development of the most promising range of air operated double diaphragm pumps. Other than this, supreme quality, durability and availability of their products make them one of the trusted choices for businesses all over the world. Today, more and more companies are getting added to the clientele list and empowering the portfolio.

Accredited as an ISO 9001 certified company, their engineering technologies and manufacturing processes are second to none. Dedicated to incessant development and improvement in the line of Air Operated Diaphragm pumps, their philosophy is simple. Believers of happy customers, they offer best quality products and serve customers with unmatched customer service options.

Additionally, to make performance seamless, Yamada has a patented non-lubricated air valve with non-centering stall-free spring installed in every pump that determines reliability.

Yamada holds 3 patents in the field of proven valve.

Why choose us as your Yamada Pump partner / supplier

Liquid Handling Equipment, Inc. stocks the various products by Yamada Pumps and delivers them in a short time span. We also deal with after sales and help customers with installation and maintenance.

Yamada Pumps – Features

Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps by Yamada is a revolution in the pumping industry. Made with precision and technology these pumps are available in more than 150 models. Ready to handle several types of fluids, they prevent leakage and are low maintenance because the design eliminates rotating parts and provides lubrication free operation.

Double Diaphragm NDP-5 Pump

Yamada NDP-5 Series
3.4 GPM transfer flow rate
0.25" fluid port
NDP-5 Data Sheet
NDP-5/15 English

Double Diaphragm NDP-10

Yamada DP-10/DP-15 Series
6.0 or 8.0 GPM transfer flow rate
0.375" or 0.5" fluid port
DP-10/DP-15 Data Sheet
DP-10 English

Double Diaphragm NDP-15

Yamada NDP-15 Series
15.0 GPM transfer flow rate
0.5" fluid port
NDP-15 Data Sheet
NDP-5/15 English

Double Diaphragm NDP-20

Yamada NDP-20 Series
28.0 GPM transfer flow rate
0.75" fluid port
NDP-20 Data Sheet
NDP-20 Bill of Materials

Double Diaphragm NDP-25

Yamada NDP-25 Series
49.0 GPM transfer  flow rate
1.0" fluid port
NDP-25 Data Sheet
NDP-25 Bill of Materials

Double Diaphragm NDP-32

Yamada NDP-32 Series
50.2 GPM transfer  flow rate
1.5" suction – 1.25" discharge
NDP-32 Product Sheet (PDF)
NDP-32 Bill of Materials (PDF)

Double Diaphragm NDP-40

Yamada NDP-40 Series
116 GPM transfer flow rate
1.5" fluid port
NDP-40 Data Sheet
NDP-40 Bill of Materials

Double Diaphragm NDP-50

Yamada NDP-50 Series
166 GPM transfer flow rate
2.0" fluid port
NDP-50 Data Sheet
NDP-50 Bill of Materials

Double Diaphragm NDP-80

Yamada NDP-80 Series
215 GPM transfer flow rate
3.0" fluid port
NDP-80 Data Sheet
NDP-80 Bill of Materials


Yamada New G15 Series Metal Pump
15.8 GPM maximum flow rate
½” port size
G15 Data Sheet
G15 Bill of Material

Product Distribution Area

Based out of Charlotte, NC Liquid Handling Equipment, Inc. operates as a distributor for 5 states in the country. Specifically we sell Yamada Pumps in the following states –

  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Tennessee
  • North West Georgia.

For more information on these products, feel free to get in touch with our pump experts at https://www.liquidhandlingequip.com/contact/