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True back-pull-out feature allow inspection/repair of the rotating cartridge without disturbing the piping or coupling alignment

ROTAN® Benefits:

  • Reduced downtime costs
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Spares optimization



Internal gear pumps in cast iron, for clean, non-abrasive liquids.
The simple and compact construction makes it a low-cost pump, often used in modified versions by OEM customers.

GP pumps are designed for use with IEC or NEMA flange motors.


Heavy duty pumps in cast iron, for a wide range of viscous, non-corrosive liquids. HD pumps are specifically designed for difficult applications and those involving high viscosity liquids.

Typical applications include pumping oils, asphalts (Asphalt pumps), chocolates(CHD pumps), paints, lacquers, molasses, soaps, and other industrial viscous process fluids.

HD pumps are known by their sturdy and simple construction.


Magnetic Drive pumps are environmentally friendly pumps used for ultimate protection against leakage.

MD pumps are designed to pump flammable, toxic or ground water polluting liquids, where no leakages can be risked.

MD pumps are typically used for pumping isocyanates, solvents as phenol and xylene, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, benzene and other hazardous organic liquids including mildly abrasive paints and sweeteners.

Their use is extended to applications where leakage would be costly, e.g. highly refined chemicals, or where long overhaul intervals are required, reducing maintenance labour costs and loss of process time.

Pumps for any Application:

Service on pumps without braking any pipe connections

Operations like oil blending, additive mixing and filling of the finish lube oils are fully automatic batching processes, performed within parallel lines, each consisting of one blender and one weigh hopper. The process requires quality pumps – and around the world DESMI has been a reliable partner for many years as our ROTAN® GP and HD series are designed for giving an accurate and constant flow to support this process.

Pumps for any application

The key factors in all areas of the process industry are production reliability, productivity and performance.

These are precisely the areas addressed by our range of products, systems and services. Value-added liquid transport solutions for local and global companies are our scope of supply.