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Yamada Diaphragm Pumps

Patented Non-Lubricated Air Valve. Yamada® Patented Non-Lubricated Air Valve with Non-centering Stall-free Spring Incorporated in every Yamada Air Powered Double Diaphragm Food pump. Yamada air valve technology is the heart of the air-powered double diaphragm pump and determines reliability. Yamada holds three patents on its field proven valve and enjoys a superior reputation throughout the industry.

Double Diaphragm Transfer Pumps Rugged, Bolted Construction

All Yamada transfer pumps feature bolted construction, which eliminates leaks and simplifies post-maintenance reassembly. Bolted construction is superior to clamp band retainers. Yamada offers Diaphragm transfer pumps in metallic and non-metallic body materials. The non-metallic transfer pump features pumps injection molded solid plastic. Yamada double diaphragm pumps are available in conductive Acetal, Polypropylene, Kynar, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, TEFLON (tm) and PTFE. Yamada double diaphragm pumps are available and in use in almost for every industrial application.

Yamada Powder Pumps are designed to move bulk powders more effectively throughout your process vs. other unsafe and labor intensive means. These heavy duty pumps will consistently transfer fine-grained, low-bulk density dry powders in a dust-free operation.

Outside-Accessible Air Valve Inspection or maintenance of every Yamada air valve may be performed without removing the pump from service. Unified Air Valve Concept Common-size air valve assemblies reduce parts confusion.

Double Diaphragm NDP-5 Pump

Yamada NDP-5 Series
3.4 GPM transfer flow rate
0.25" fluid port
NDP-5 Data Sheet
NDP-5/15 English

Double Diaphragm NDP-10

Yamada DP-10/DP-15 Series
6.0 or 8.0 GPM transfer flow rate
0.375" or 0.5" fluid port
DP-10/DP-15 Data Sheet
DP-10 English

Double Diaphragm NDP-15

Yamada NDP-15 Series
15.0 GPM transfer flow rate
0.5" fluid port
NDP-15 Data Sheet
NDP-5/15 English

Double Diaphragm NDP-20

Yamada NDP-20 Series
28.0 GPM transfer flow rate
0.75" fluid port
NDP-20 Data Sheet
NDP-20 Bill of Materials

Double Diaphragm NDP-25

Yamada NDP-25 Series
49.0 GPM transfer  flow rate
1.0" fluid port
NDP-25 Data Sheet
NDP-25 Bill of Materials

Double Diaphragm NDP-32

Yamada NDP-32 Series
50.2 GPM transfer  flow rate
1.5" suction – 1.25" discharge
NDP-32 Product Sheet (PDF)
NDP-32 Bill of Materials (PDF)

Double Diaphragm NDP-40

Yamada NDP-40 Series
116 GPM transfer flow rate
1.5" fluid port
NDP-40 Data Sheet
NDP-40 Bill of Materials

Double Diaphragm NDP-50

Yamada NDP-50 Series
166 GPM transfer flow rate
2.0" fluid port
NDP-50 Data Sheet
NDP-50 Bill of Materials

Double Diaphragm NDP-80

Yamada NDP-80 Series
215 GPM transfer flow rate
3.0" fluid port
NDP-80 Data Sheet
NDP-80 Bill of Materials


Yamada New G15 Series Metal Pump
15.8 GPM maximum flow rate
½” port size
G15 Data Sheet
G15 Bill of Material