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Watson Marlow Sanitary Peristaltic Pumps

Watson-Marlow is the world’s largest
manufacturer of peristaltic pumps and tubing.
We make nothing else. Watson-Marlow accurate, low maintenance peristaltic dosing and metering pumps. Simple to install, easy to use.

Watson-Marlow Pumps offers the widest range of peristaltic pumps, capable of handling flows from 0.6 μl/min. to 8,000 litre/hour and handling pressures of up to 7 bar (100 psi). With no seals, valves or moving parts in the flow path, the risk of clogging, leaking or contamination is eliminated.


Bredel hose pumps

Bredel hose pumps and hose elements offer the maximum reliability and lowest maintenance for high-flow, high-pressure duties. With operating pressures up to 16 bar (1,600 kPA) and flow rates up to 100 m3/h, Bredel hose pumps save time and money by handling the toughest applications in a wide range of industries.

Qdos peristaltic metering pumps

Peristaltic pumps are positive displacement pumps. They use the perfect pumping principle with none of the disadvantages of other pump types, and cost far less in maintenance and interrupted production. They successfully handle the harshest fluids, stand up to the toughest industrial environment, and pump with extraordinary accuracy and flow control up to 875,000:1 in one pump.

SANITARY Process Pumps

For sanitary metering and transfer applications, our 520, 620 and 720 pumps deliver the best combination of pump and drive technology, meeting the quality control demands for high purity, accuracy and reliability expected in today's highly tuned, validated processes.

Watson-Marlow Value for life is a new way of looking at the cost of ownership of Watson-Marlow pumps compared with other positive displacement pumps. We prove to customers that Watson-Marlow pumps offer the lowest-cost solution over the life of a pump in comparison to competitors. We engineer our winning performance, we don’t just turn up the speed. 60% fewer occlusions than our peristaltic competitors for the same flow means 2½ times the tube life.